Our Programs

Improving livelihood development opportunities for women headed households

Implementation of  income generating Projects targeting the National Center for empowerment of widows and women headed families in Kilinochchi District.

Diriya Manpetha  for the empowerment of women.

Empowerment of women through Special projects

Empowerment of women in fisheries related domestic industry.

Providing relief to women in post disaster situations.

Implementation of a programme on alternative income generation to ensure the economy and family security of women expected to go abroad for employment as Housemaids.

Economic and Social Empowerment of Women who have been deprived of Social Sensitivity due to particular reasons. ("Jeevithayata Aruthak" )

Social and  economic empowerment of the families of prisoners

10 Empowerment of women in Estate Sector.

11 Special Programme on Women Entrepreneurs Development to coincide with Women's Day.

12 Providing relief to rural women affected by unregulated micro finance credit schemes

13 Market Promotion and Trade Fairs.

14 Training programme on income Generation.

15 Project for providing livelihood and welfare facilities for the girls above 18 years of age in Children’s Homes.

16 Empowering Women with Special needs

17 Registration of women action societies

18 Media & Library Maintaining. 

19 Monitoring , follow up & District progress meetings.

20 Maintaining the existing Safe Homes (10 )

21 Registration and reorganization of  district , divisional women federations

22 Loan programmes

23 Maintaining Counselling Centers (12)

24 Counselling Awareness Programs (All Districts)

25 National Counselling Day (Colombo)

26 Project for the empowerment of family units of low income  urban women

27 Project for economic empowerment  of women through Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Networking-  implemented by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) for the years 2023-2027.

28 Project to provide equipment and material support to temporary shelters and the project for providing  emergency relief for women most affected by socio-economic crisis – It is being implemented by UN Women

29 Sustainable empowerment of Community based families  in Nuwaraeliya District –  It is being implemented by the Semaul Foundation  for the years 2023-2026.

30 Food security and livelihood recovery emergency assistance project- training and implementation of assistance programs for low income women. It is implemented  by ADB (Asian Development Bank) for the years 2022-2024.

31 Women's Rights Project - UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)

32 Implementation of Counseling Analysis Pilot Project and related programs at national level.- Asia Foundation– It was implemented on  01.01.2022.

33 Counselling Programs conducted by the Asia Foundation


Our Projects

Counseling services

Maintenance of Safe Homes and providing services for victims

Conduct self-employment training programs and skill training

Awareness programs